supper. delivered.


Our feasts are on hold whilst we set up the parlour, but we will be back with supper ASAP




Hay broth will cook and deliver a delicious meal, filled with fantastic, local ingredients.

Here’s to lazy Fridays, where supper comes to you.

A carefully curated menu...



We believe in good-quality, seasonal ingredients. We are lucky enough to be surrounded by some of the best produce in the country & we love using it! All of our meat is as local as possible, It's always higher welfare or organic & all of our dairy is organic



Our delivery zone includes:
Bredwardine, Brilley, Bronydd, Clifford, Cusop, Dorstone, Glasbury, Peterchurch, Snodhill and Whitney.
Click here to find out if you’re in our delivery zone. Otherwise contact us to see if we can include you in the zone.

...delivered to your door


If you missed the order time - get in touch, we may be able to squeeze you in. We wouldn't want you to go hungry...

'Such a treat to have food like that delivered to our door after a busy day, we will definitely be ordering again. We loved the boxes and the menu (and the food obvs!) amazing effort. Thank you.'


On holiday? We can bring you compostable plates and cutlery.